Distilled Solvents

Sr. No. Name of the Solvent Location Quantity Density Toulene MTO Paint Pass pH Upload Price Description
Drums/KL Weight (KG)
1 n Heptane Mumbai 50 7800 0.78 Pass Pass Pass 7 View Login NA
2 Mixed Solvents Mumbai 75 18500 0.92 Pass Pass Pass 7 View Login NA

Distilled solvents refer to solvents that have undergone a process called distillation to remove impurities and contaminants. Distillation is a common purification technique used to separate mixtures based on differences in their boiling points.

In the case of solvents, distillation is employed to obtain high-purity solvents suitable for various applications, such as chemical synthesis, laboratory work, industrial processes, and cleaning purposes. Distilled solvents are often preferred over non-distilled solvents because they have a higher degree of purity and lower levels of impurities.

The distillation process involves heating the solvent mixture to vaporize the components. The vapor is then cooled and condensed back into a liquid form, resulting in the separation of different substances based on their boiling points. The compounds with lower boiling points tend to vaporize and condense first, while those with higher boiling points remain in the liquid phase or are eliminated as residues.